[Vice] Vellum-inspired Paper – Northbound Notebooks
[Vice] Vellum-inspired Paper
[Vice] Vellum-inspired Paper
[Vice] Vellum-inspired Paper
$7.50 USD

[Vice] Vellum-inspired Paper

Compatible with the Vice Notebook only. Some discounts only work with subscription options!

  • $2 from each paper refill helps feature and compensate emerging writers, artists, and thinkers contributing to Northbound & Notable.
  • Subscribe & Save: Every 60 or 120 days, a fresh shipment of the best paper available for your notebook. Plus, enjoy the latest in Northbound & Notable with an exclusive article included in each package.
  • Once a year, all subscribers will receive a full print copy of Northbound & Notable. You'll be able to connect with all the great artists around the world you are helping grow.
  • Ships free to North America.


Premium writing paper crafted for performance and reliability with fountain pen ink. 25 or 75 sheets, bound for loading in to your Vice notebook. It is recommended to keep approximately twenty-five pages in your notebook at all times for best performance. 

Lined and dot-grid options coming soon.

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