Let’s talk about the last day of PhD expedition. When you have to defense your dissertation. Either you belong to any university in the world. Your PhD defense will be the last step of your long journey and that day you will declare the scholar. If you want to know the procedures or require dissertation help on defense from former scholars. You can check out the PhD talk on “defenses across the world”.

Some person argues, that there is not any need to prepare PhD defense. It is difficult for you to present your work in front of the dissertation committee without defense preparation. There is a chance of rejection. So, you should organize yourself during the PhD journey and start writing the first chapters early as possible. Because you have to revise and reread again and again along with the publication study. Defense preparation depends on your dissertation committee, so prepare your defense according to your committee requirements. It will help you to plan the challenges which you have to face on the final defense day.

As I wrote about my PhD journey and explained from the starting point to the last day of defense. You can study all the steps of defense. It is divided into three parts along with defense experiences. I also developed a series of PhD discussion with the title “Defense around the world”. In which I and my PhD fellows have shared their experiences about the PhD journey with defenses.

I penned 10 tips regarding PhD defense, and its preparation. I got much more time for defense preparation because I didn’t know about its preparation. I used a lot of unnecessary activities but it is the requirement of the time. In other words, I did everything important for my defense preparation. If you want to prepare your defense with more interest then you have to work with patients continuously. If you are more confident about defense presentation. You can do only limited things which are necessary for your defense. Here, I wrote some important points for defense preparation.

1.  Attending Conferences:

Your PhD defense journey will be easy if you have some practice presenting your work in front of an international audience with answering questioning sessions. Every presentation will create confidence in your dissertation defense. You can get sharpened presentation skills by doing this. So, you must attend more conferences, presentation events and workshops for better experiences

2. Have a piece of sound information about your committee and their work: 

During defense preparation, you should not make any consideration about the expected question. These expected questions will depend on your defense committee.  You must assess your work keep in mind your committee members and check out the latest publications of committee members. You must read all t the recent publications. The other important thing, evaluate your meeting notes and the key opinions of criticism that you have received during meetings with committee members.

3. Revise the most important papers:

Another important part is past papers that are important for your defense preparation. You can search out the most possible questions from these past papers and prepare them for the foundation of your work.

4. Broader Questions:

Some questions have broader space for your work such as future work and other areas of applications. These kinds of question may be asked. So, you can make a list of such possible questions and prepare the material to answer.

5. Room and Tools:

You have to make sure the standard of your presentation place and the availability of tools for presentation. Are these provided and working properly. You have practiced using these tools. Organize your tools and place them according to your presentation and committee requirements.

6. Be Cool and Unstressed:

You have to be cool and unstressed. If you feel stressed then you can’t think clearly, which make you confused. So, get enough sleep and eat healthy food with exercise a week before the defense day.

7. Plan a Party:

Don’t miss the importance and value of a party on your success. Defense day is your successful day. So, make it a special event with your beloved.  Arrange a party with a nice dinner and enjoy your success.

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