Being a Ph.D. student, you have to go through a lot of troubles to get your degree. These troubles are not the real ones, but these are the challenges that he or she has to face. Writing a dissertation is quite difficult as you have to read more and more. The challenges you faced will prepare you for your academic community.

Before starting how to write it, we need to understand what is a dissertation. It is for doctoral degree students and them to have to explain in detail about their research studies are to present it in front of committee members. This is an extensive writing process in which he or she has to work hard and critically analyze the existing data and find sources to support his or her arguments.

  1. Write dissertation proposal

This is usually the first stage of the dissertation in which you particularly have to deal with the topic of your Ph.D. dissertation. This proposal defines what is your problem that you are going to conduct the study on and how you will solve it. There are various ways of writing a proposal so let’s look at what are important things to look for proposal.

Chose research problem – The first thing is to choose a research problem. To choose that, you have to decide what research area you are going into it. Then read papers and find a gap in the literature that will give you an idea about the problem. Then think about how this problem remains unsolved for all these years, how are you going to solve it, and what contribution it makes to the community. Answering all those questions will clear your concepts.

Get your dissertation a structural form – Once you define what the problem statement is, then write down all the data in structure format such as to define the methodology and read its background. Organize your content so that it will be easier for you.

  1. Do extensive research

It’s essential to discover enough data to completely comprehend the problem you’re centered around, yet you’ll have to quit exploring at some point. Many studies have shown that spending time on research is useless if you don’t aim for any direction. Use this exploration stage as an opportunity that you understand the past research experiences of the problem.

You need to gather authentic data for your dissertation. So, it is better to go to reliable journals. Read published data and analyze the information you want to add and subtract. Effective research will give a good dissertation.

  1. Writing dissertation in pieces

Writing a dissertation is typically the most complicated part and requires time and effort. At this stage, most of the students get puzzled and make mistakes in it. Create an outline and write down your dissertation in pieces. You can also take some writing help from your seniors and supervisor but most of the work is done by the student itself. Following is the outline of the dissertation and each section requires a different type of information.

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Result and discussion
  • Conclusion

Dividing your task makes things easier for you. Most importantly, two sections require the effort most which are introduction and literature review as you may need to add citations in it to support your argument.

  1. Edit and proofread

Professionally read your thesis and edit your mistakes. Checking your grammatical mistakes and make sure you any spelling mistakes. Pay attention to every detail and get rid of unnecessary details. Keep your explanation easy for the reader to understand. Clear you’re your doubts by reading your dissertation again and again.

  1. Get some comments on it

Before handing out your dissertation, it is better to take some comments from committee members. Ask them to which area you need to improve. They will suggest to you that it is ready for defense or not. You can also ask your friends or colleague to comment on your dissertation.

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