The Salvage Bookmark – Northbound Notebooks
The Salvage Bookmark - Northbound Notebooks
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The Salvage Bookmark

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Made from our rugged buffalo leather, The Salvage Bookmark is the perfect companion to your favourite novel. Or comic book. Or instruction manual. Because you know folding corners is a crime punishable by death.

Each bookmark is hand punched at our studio in Ottawa, Ontario. We spend hours preparing each piece by lecturing them on important post-colonial literary works. Each bookmark produces a two thousand word essay on Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, to ensure they are ready to venture across the world in to unknown territory while exposing the hidden mysteries behind the printed word.

After a short study break, the highest performing bookmarks are ranked and sorted by academic performance. We choose the top percentile to send to you. They fly direct by the greatest human achievement known to man — the postal service.

Engraving options included in the price. Add your initials — limit of six characters.

Inquire for options regarding corporate purchases.

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