The Original A4 Notebook – Northbound Notebooks
The Original A4 Notebook
The Original A4 Notebook
The Original A4 Notebook
The Original A4 Notebook - Northbound Notebooks
The Original A4 Notebook - Northbound Notebooks
The Original A4 Notebook - Northbound Notebooks
The Original A4 Notebook - Northbound Notebooks
$65.00 USD

The Original A4 Notebook

The best notebook ever. Guaranteed.


Bigger is better.

Try a sample of our paper and leather for free.

Shipping's on us for North America. International for $10. 

handmade refillable leather notebooks

It starts with great leather

We find the best buffalo hides and cut them by hand. Each notebook has its own unique feel and story. We use thick, untreated leather that will last a lifetime. 'Cause there's no point in cheaping out when it comes to leather.

handmade refillable leather notebooks

Proudly Canadian made

We make 'em right here in our nation's capital and ship them to you personally. Come stop by and pay us a visit, if you want. We're always looking to chat. Please bring coffee.

handmade refillable leather notebooks

Premium paper

Big enough for your craziest ideas. And then some. We use A4 vellum paper in this bad-boy for an unparalleled writing experience. Seriously. You won't want to write on anything else again.

Big enough to show off on your desk. 8.3" x 11.7". 210 x 297mm.

handmade refillable leather notebooks

Infinite refills

Keep filling up on A4 paper for your Original. It's here with you for the long-haul. No need to buy a new notebook every two months. Because you shouldn't ever have to give up on your notebook.

handmade refillable leather notebooks

Simple bindings

Pop em in or out to switch up your paper. We've got vintage bindings available in silver or gold. Or, if you are crazy, one of each. No, lets not go there. That's a little too much.

Authentic clip

Match your bindings with a custom clip to keep your notebook sealed and lookin' fly. Available in silver or gold.

handmade refillable leather notebooks

This notebook funds an artist

Crazy to think about, isn't it? But a few dollars from every notebook we sell goes directly to the Northbound and Notable payout pool. That means you are helping fund someone who is making stuff for everyone. Basically, you are making dreams come true. Like some sort of genie. That's pretty cool.

handmade refillable leather notebooks

Best notebook guarantee

If this isn't the coolest, baddest, most raddest portable notebook you've ever had, then we'll take it back. And refund your money. Just like that. We'll take it back especially quick if you've filled the pages with Nic Cage inspired memes and sketches. Bonus points for "how-did-it-burn" related pictures.


The finer details


Full grain Buffalo hide, 5-6 ounce, hand-cut by rotary blade and hand-punched.


Standard A4 sheets, 210mm x 297mm, 8.3" x 11.7". Synthetic vellum paper. 80# thickness. Three-hole punched. Designed for single-side use. Available in blank or lined.


Standard chicago-style screws in silver or gold. Clip in matching colour.


Wash leather with a small amount of water. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Natural blemishes and scarring will occur; it is expected. Do NOT clean with alcohol or detergent. That makes me cry just thinking about it.

Build time:

Northbound Notebooks is run by a guy who makes them by hand. One at a time. Notebooks ship within a week, but inventory delays can cause longer waits. We'll contact you with details every step of the way.


We ship via Canada post world-wide. For international customers outside of the USA and Canada, expect 4-6 weeks for standard shipping. Tracking is not always available depending on shipping method. Contact us for more shipping options. We want to get stuff to you inexpensively and safely.


We ship internationally and in compliance with international trade law. That means, sometimes, you might have to pay some customs stuff. We have managed to avoid it thus far, but on orders more than several hundred dollars, expect the unexpected.


If you are unhappy with your notebook, simply send it back within 30 days in good condition. We'll refund your money and go our separate ways. But we'll always think of you, on those cold, lonely nights.


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