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Give something great this season.

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What to get the artist in your life?

Let's face it. Some people are hard to buy for. They get everything they want or need, and make it painfully clear. I know this. My girlfriend is the same way. If I get ideas, she's already ordered them online. 

It makes the holidays tough.

While we'd love it if you found all your stuff here, we'll give you a few ideas that could spark something special.

Personalization & Engravings

lasers, man.

Check out this guy. Lasers. Awesome.

Want to make a gift stand out? Get it engraved. Throw it under a laser and put some meaningful words on there. You can engrave all kinds of things now -- phones, laptops, bags, food (yeah, seriously), and notebooks.

It's the same reason people say, "it's the thought that counts." Why buy something unless it's going to be something they remember?

If you want to try zapping things yourself, check out some lasers at your local makerspace or public library. It's an inexpensive way to learn something new. You can make some really amazing stuff with the right tools.

Fountain pens and specialty ink

We sell a couple of these. Jinhao is a reliable, inexpensive brand that is a great starting point. But there's a whole world of other options out there. 

Art of manliness has a great blog post summarising why you might want to start practising with a fountain pen. It's relaxing, strengthens your handwriting, and it's easier on your hand and wrist while working all day. Plus, it looks great and is a simple way to enjoy the simpler things. 

Not to mention keeping ink and plastic out of landfills.

For higher end brands, check out amazon and look for Pilot, Lamy, and Waterman pens and inks. We'll see if we can stock some of these options in the future.

Other ideas

We've been lucky enough to have been featured here, on rebates zone. Check them out for some other ideas for anyone on your list.

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