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Writing Challenges/Competitions

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Prose Challenge
Deadline: Weekly
Prose is a site in which they give a weekly prompt with a chance to win some cash. Most are just for fun, however, some are curated by agents and authors looking for new talent (be aware to avoid the sponsored or community ones). Prizes are within the $100-$200 with a low word count, even without submitting it’s a good exercise to flex the brain and get the juices flowing. To learn more check them out here.

Autumn House Press – Poetry, Fiction, non-fiction
Deadline: Varies on category
Submission fee: Varies on category (typically around $30)
Autumn House Press is a group that believe in promoting authors ‘first book’ and getting the names of the lesser known out into the literature world. They want to promote the new voices that will grace the generation with their words and poetry. They accept unsolicited manuscripts through their contests and

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