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Upcoming event - Doug Wheeler: PSAD Synthetic Desert III

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Image belongs to the Guggenhiem Museum, NY. Taken by David Hearld

Doug Wheeler, an important figure during the ‘Light and Space’ movement during the 60s and 70s is now exhibiting his new creation PSAD Synthetic Desert III, at the Guggenheim Museum, New York.

The installation – or rather environment, is intended to deliver an enclosed realm of infinite space. He is determined to share the sensations of the Arizona deserts he felt back in the 70s, the vastness of the space makes you conscious of your own state. You become aware of sounds and sensations you wouldn’t usually encounter on a day to day basis due to the busyness of our lives. Wheeler in the past has relied on objects creating the desired environment, however, is now solely relying on the volumes, lights and sounds to create an echo-free atmosphere for all to experience. For more information visit the Guggenheim website here.

Time: March 23 – August 2, 2017
Location: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

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