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Pursuit - Mike Olbinski

Posted by Rosalyn Fenton on


'Pursuit' is Olbinski's newest and most spectacular storm chasing extravaganza. Chasing storms from state to state and covering over 25,000 miles of land in isolation, Pursuit is not only a awe-striking piece to enjoy but also very personal to the chaser. 
The time lapse of film takes place from March 28th to June 29th, with over 90,000 frames of twisted and contorted silver veins of lighting and whirling, gloomy tornadoes.

Oblinski expresses his pain on his storm-chasing journey when he realizes he had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and how heart broken he is when he sees his social feed fill up with gorgeous images of the storm he thought he was chasing, he shares; '...I let myself down. I forgot who I was and that's not me. Or it shouldn't have been me. I failed myself...' Obliniski goes on to tell how he felt broken and that the easier option was to give up and go home to comfort and familiarity, but the loom and nature of the weather inspired him.

'...that's why this film is called "Pursuit." Because you can't give up. Keep chasing, keep pursuing. Whatever it is. That's the only way to get what you want...'

Oblinski put the odds against him aside and created his own way to recovery through persistence, determination and a love of storm chasing.

To watch Pursuit and to find out more about Oblinskis journey head over to his Vimeo here.

Film by Mike Oblinski

Music by Peter Nanasi

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