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Remembering Rock With The Jerry Khan Bangers

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Today I'd like to tell you about my new crush. It's a band called The Jerry Khan Bangers.


Our meeting was a kind of funny. I was walking in Montreal, visiting, traveling -- oops, sorry. I was lost. Really lost.

I ended up in the village. I found a cool bar, a nice looking place with character and tons of funky art across the walls. That's where we met. They were sitting on the pavement, talking, with their instruments around. I thought, they look so cool. I want to hear them.


So I waited. And waited. And waited some more. No music. I decided to talk to them, and they told me that they have finished their set and they won't play again for a day. But they told me that they will be two days later playing at "L'escalier", a bar close to this place. Another chance to explore.

Perfect for me! I had nothing to do, so we made an appointment a bit before the show to do a little interview. Here it is.

The Jerry Khan Bangers

The Jerry Khan Bangers is a group of three guys and a gal. There's Arnaud, the comic, Pierre-Jean, a jolly soul, Lindçay, captain of the boat, and Sacha, aka mister first degree. Don't ask: it's a long story.

They are from Toulouse, in France. (What a coincidence. It's the city where I grew up!) They have been playing together in this group for almost three years. The three guys were long time friends, and they combined with Lindçay to develop their sound.

They are all about rock. And not just any kind, they love 50's rock. The band finds their inspiration with artists like Elvis, and classic American sound. Old blues, country, soul, and more.

Why take a spin on classic rock? It's obvious. They want to become rich and famous. Do some shows at Zenith in Paris, open for Johnny Haliday, get millions of adoring fans. The usual band stuff, right? Okay, okay. There's more than that. They love playing music and performing. It's about making people happy, make 'em dance, bring everyone together. Rock is about freedom, lightness. It's an escape. A wonderful one.

I went to their show at L'escalier, and it was my best night in Canada!

Most of their songs are covers, but they also do their own compositions. You can check out their album, "Get Movin' On", and I'd bet you'd really enjoy it.

Check out their Facebook page: The Jerry Khan Bangers.

And they are not in Canada anymore, but they will be at Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland!


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