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Industria by Katie Clarke

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Do not write about the trees

I say to myself

Because it has been done


Because they do not need you

To make them beautiful

Write about

The industrialized metropolis

Of overcrowded subways

Of exhaust curling softly

From traffic locked cars

Of bottle caps

And thick,

Smoky air

Plumes of smoke now a compliment

To starless skies

Of highways, black tar and effervescent lines

Stretching farther than any forest

You can imagine

Flattening a once lush landscape with inescapable simplicity

And slate gray medians



If you can make them beautiful

We will destroy them, too

Just like we so willingly destroy

What beauty

We already have.



Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, Katie is in her last year of high school. An athlete and an artist, she's passionate about self-expression and relief through creativity. Katie has been writing short stories and poetry since she could put a pen to paper, and has been involved in theatre and the performing arts since the age of 12. An aspiring philosophy geek, she likes to think she is constantly observing, writing and learning within all aspects of life. 

Katie is among the artists to be featured in our first edition of Northbound and Notable, scheduled for publication this winter. Proceeds from each refillable leather notebook, vellum craft paper, and accessories sale fund the Northbound and Notable payout pool. Learn how to get involved here.

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  • This poem is fantastic.

    My favorite line is “You can imagine”

    It adds a thoughtful break.

    Mark Gagnon on

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