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Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui, and Cheng Yu-ti and the Polluted Popsicles
Students from the National Taiwan University of the Arts wanted to raise awareness of the horrible truths of water pollution.
For their end-of-year project the students decided to bottle samples from a hundred waterways in Taiwan, they then poured each sample into a popsicle mold, freezing the specimens to make toxic treats. From here they were each casted into resin to preserve the poisonous pop and for viewers to inspect closer. Upon a first glance the glass-like treats look delicate with opaque colours and natural forms inside, however, some contain plastic litter, bacteria and even a snail with its laid eggs! The students made colourful numbered packaging in contrast to the polluted popsicles with flavor names corresponding with the contents of the sample. To see more visit their facebook page here.
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