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4:50 PM by Stacia Ashe

Posted by Adam Wilk on

4:50 PM


I want to drown in the rain

Swim in the lake until it swallows me whole

Mermaids can drag me down into the weeds

and wrap my ankles with the leaves

and kiss me in my grave


They’ll tell a tale of where I’ve been

and creatures that I have become

and legends of my immortal soul

will live above the water


But where I’ll be is darker still

than all of their imaginings

of kelpie monsters and fairy souls

of Persephone and her spring


Because where I’ll be will go away

They’ll damn it and the beds will dry

The leaves will wilt around my bones

They’ll move on to their other lies



Stacia lives life on a whim, constantly changing her mind about which way to journey next. Her adventures of writing, learning, and creating are shared with an amazing husband and one ornery son. Recently, she's started documenting these adventures on liveridewrite.wordpress.com. You can also connect with her on instagram @staciaashe.

Stacia is among the artists to be featured in our first edition of Northbound & Notable, scheduled for publication this winter. Proceeds from each refillable leather notebook, vellum craft paper, and accessories sale fund the Northbound & Notable payout pool. Learn how to get involved here.

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  • This is beautiful, I would love to read more of your writing

    Rosalyn Fenton on
  • Such a strong poem with lots of meaning. I plan on checking out your blog and look forward to reading more of you work.

    Dawn Lade on
  • I just wanted to say finding this poem and reading it, I enjoyed it very much. It makes you think. There are so many ways to go, at least for me! I start thinking one way with your words then I go down a different path.some paths make me sad, some give me hope, some confuse and some make me reflect on my life. I look forward to reading more of your work.

    Theresa Cantwell on
  • I really like this poem. It’s got a lot of dept, it made me think alot on it.

    Alice Renfrow on
  • Such a deep poem with lots of meaning. I look forward to checking out the blog and reading more.

    Dawn Lade on

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