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poetry by Amanda Earl

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out this morning
assembling a list

of broken things
when I spot another

dead bird picked over
by the night

creatures I’m glad
I can sleep for once

I think of angels awake
all hours & flying anywhere

they choose across the moon
if they dare I saw the shadow

of a wing in the afternoon they
were out all night cavorting

with artists who sketched
them for later preservation

& this is how I immortalize you,
dear celebrants spilling forth
from heaven



Amanda Earl is a poet, publisher and pornographer from Ottawa. Her poetry book "Kiki," which celebrates the ribald & creative spirit of Montparnasse between the wars, came out in 2014 with Chaudiere Books. She is also the author of the smut collection "Coming Together Presents Amanda Earl." Amanda is the managing editor of Bywords.ca and the fallen angel of AngelHousePress, along with its transgressive imprint DevilHouse. Read about her in secret at AmandaEarl.com or connect with Amanda on Twitter @KikiFolle.

Amanda is among the artists to be featured in our first edition of Northbound and Notable, scheduled for publication this winter. Proceeds from each refillable leather notebook, vellum craft paper, and accessories sale fund the Northbound and Notable payout pool. Learn how to get involved here.

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